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Where can I buy or service a fire extinguisher?
Caution should always be exercised when working with fire, particularly in the event of strong wind.
How do I use a fire extinguisher?
What are the current Ambulance Rates?
Never leave a fire unattended and always extinguish it completely before retiring.
How do I apply for a Fire Permit?
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Dear Parent or Caregiver:


Did you know that more than half of all home fires causing death happen at night? Also, hundreds of people die in home fire each year in Canada. Firefighters say smoke alarms are the best thing you can buy to help save your life if a fire occurs. They are low cost and give you an early warning so you and your family can escape. Almost every day smoke alarms save somebody’s life. With smoke alarms, your risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half!


1. Does your home have a smoke alarm installed outside the sleeping area?  Yes No
2. If you have two or more widely separated sleeping areas, do you have a smoke alarm outside each area? Yes No
3. Do you have a smoke alarm on every level of your home; including basement? Yes No
4. Have you tested your alarms this month? Yes No
5. Do you change each alarms battery twice a year? Yes No


Congratulations, if you answered yes to these questions. Your smoke alarms are working to keep your family safe from fire.


If you answered no to any of these questions, your family members might not have enough early warning to escape a fire. You can change that today by installing and testing smoke alarms outside the sleeping area and on each additional level of the home. Test your smoke alarms once a month. Pick a Tuesday... to be your test day! Clean and maintain your alarms according to manufacturer’s instructions.


There is a smoke alarm worksheet on the other side of this letter. Please work with your child to complete the assignment and return it to school tomorrow.

Smoke Alarms - a sound you can live with!



Test Your Smoke Alarm!



I have ________________ smoke alarms in my home.


I tested them on ___________________________________________(Date).


Draw a picture of you and your family testing one of your smoke alarms: